Is FORWARD Grant funding only one project of €1 million that should last 5 years?

The FORWARD Grant is composed of a series of smaller grants that will add up to €1 million in 5 years’ time.

Individual grants per project have ranged from €20K to €400K and the grant may be divided over several years. The FORWARD Grants will be awarded based on a number of factors, which are detailed in the ‘Apply’ tab.

Can we submit a project with several partners?

Grants are to a single party, which may decide to pass on funds to other parties; in this case, the cost of the project must include the full costs to deliver the project including any institutional overheads.

Does the principal applicant manage the fund for all partners or does Gedeon Richter fund each partner?

The main applicant would be responsible for managing the funds from Gedeon Richter.

Funds would be payable to the main applicant upon achievement of specific research milestones.

What is the Intellectual Property (IP) policy of Gedeon Richter for the FORWARD Grant?

IP remains with the researcher or his/her institution.

What expenses are eligible?

All appropriate costs to deliver a project are eligible, including staff and material costs.

Are the overheads of the institution eligible?

Any grant application must include the institution’s overheads as part of the total cost to deliver the project.

In the event that the entity managing the fund is different from the entity in charge of the scientific project, how should this be specified in the grant application?

The application should clarify all parties involved and their roles.

Is there a word limit for the application?

There is no word limit for the submission. If the space on the form is not sufficient, you can always attach an additional document as a PDF file.

Is it possible to include images?

Yes, it is possible to include images in a separate PDF file.