Winners 2018

Dr. Christophe Blockeel (Belgium)

Initiation of ovarian stimulation with recombinant-human FSH (Bemfola®) in the late follicular phase, a randomized controlled pilot study.

“The primary objective is total number of mature oocytes. Secondary objectives are endocrine profile, consumption of gonadotrophins, duration of stimulation, days of GnRH-antagonist use, number of oocytes frozen, fertilization rate, embryo utilization rate and pregnancy rate.”

– Dr. Christophe Blockeel

Team members: Prof. Dr. Michel De Vos, Prof. Dr. Herman Tournaye and Dr. Sylvie De Rijdt

Prof. Ermanno Greco (Italy)

Development and validation of a predicitve model for the number and rate of euploid blastocysts in women undergoing IVF/ICSI cycles

“The aim of this study is to investigate whether DHEA can improve the prognosis of women undergoing IVF who are poor responders to ovarian simulation. This question will be resolved by employing an adequately powered randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.”

– Prof. Ermanno Greco

Dr. Veronika Grzegorczyk-Martin (France)

Data-informed decision-making tool in ART: guiding and optimizing embryo transfer in an IVF-ICSI-TEC program using machine learning

“A state of the art series of algorithms able to ingest the data from the aforementioned centers and predict the probabilities of life birth at personalized patient level. A prototype interface to interact with the tool, generate predictions, and use them in our patients’ consultations”

– Dr. Veronika Grzegorczyk-Martin

Prof. Samir Hamamah (France)

Circulating miRNAs as non-invasive biomarkers of endometrial receptivity in the bloodstream

“My project involves the development of a DNA-based tool to provide additional reliable, non-invasive, predictive parameters for embryo viability and implantation potential and thereby to allow a single-embryo transfer approach.”

– Prof. Samir Hamamah

Prof. Anja Pinborg (Denmark)

Preparing and timing of the endometrium in modified natural frozen-thawed embryo transfers (mNC-FET) - a randomised controlled multicenter trial

“The primary outcome is live birth rate per transfer (LBR) and the aim is to show a 10% increase in LBR after progesterone supplementation and if warming plus transfer 6 days after hCG is superior to 7 days after hCG in mNC-FET.”

– Prof. Anja Pinborg

Team members: Prof. Anders Nyboe Andersen and Kristine Løssl

Dr. Maria Elisa Varela Sanz and Dr. Juan Antonio García Velasco (Spain)

The use of sexual steroids to reactivate telomerase in granulosa cells of women with compromised ovarian reserve to improve IVF outcomes

“A reduction in the accumulation of dysfunctional telomeres in granulosa cells will be the primary endpoint. Secondary endpoints will include an increase in the ovarian volume or reserve, in the number of excellent-quality embryos, and hopefully, in the pregnancy rate.”

– Dr. Maria Elisa Varela Sanz and Dr. Juan Antonio García Velasco